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7/20/2016 - Finance/IT Meeting Notes

Discussion Topics-
  • Our Y's commitment to Diversity and Inclusion
    • There is a newish Committee - DNI Committee
      • Sub committee focused on "Leadership"
      • Sub committee focused on "Member Engagement"
    • Part of our strategic plan
    • Part of Y - USA's plan
    • What does diversity and inclusion mean?
    • What methods to we have to make us "better"?
    • Huge topic - community Y - impacts EVERYONE
    • Payments?  Vendors? Forms?
    • DNI = Diversity and Inclusion
    • Improving financial assistance process / forms - making our poorest people prove to us over and over again how poor they are.  Not dignified.  
    • Needs for multilingual staff/staff training (Chinese signs West Essex, but no Chinese speaking staff)
    • Looking to staff talent and leadership to fill in gaps in our Member Service.
  • Chart of Work for member engagement sub committee
    • Review every SACC form 
    • ECLC forms
    • Camp forms
    • How does get data get entered?
    • What is most efficient?
    • Bigger spaces?
    • Electronically fillable?
    • Purchasing? Local community support?
    • Diversity Inclusion and Global Center of Excellence
    • Managing change - cost and effort of changing electronic documents vs. paper printed documents
    • Obstacles to sharing information - not everyone has access to a computer for electronic communication.

  • Any room for outside consultant to perform Jane Elliot style brown eyes vs. blue eyes?  I think rotary club does stuff like this.  Should we as a Global Center of Excellence do an exercise like this with our staff.
  • Alisa to revise "who's who" in hopes that managers will better know who to ask for what.  Eg asking for Efin staff account without first making sure there is an Efin member account.
  • Bonus - we were all delighted to see Destiny and Ellen return!

Notes - 
Meeting was well attended 
Jonathan Yoesting,
Jul 20, 2016, 8:56 AM
Jonathan Yoesting,
Jul 20, 2016, 8:56 AM