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Add Network Printer (or copier)


This Knowledge Base article is designed to help end-users add a printer to their user profile.

  1. Login to the computer using your metroymca domain account
  2. hint: username and password should be the same you use for you staff email account; make sure the domain option is set to METROYMCA
  3. Once logged in left click on the start menu
  4. In the start menu type in the name of your branch's print server with two backslashes at the front. There is a difference between a backslash (falling to the left) and the forward slash (falling forward).  For this process to work you must use two back slashes. 
  5. EXAMPLE: \\metroysm1
    Left click the "Ok" button or press the ENTER key on your keyboard after you enter \\SERVERNAME into the start menu search box. 
    The most common print servers are listed below.
    Association Services = metroyas
    East Orange = metroyeo2
    Fairview Lake = metroyfvl
    Greater Bergen = metroy-gb-fp1
    Peanut Shell = no print server
    South Mountain (admin house and child care center) = metroysm1
    South Mountain (Civic House) =
    Sussex County = metroysc1
    Wayne = metroywn
    West Essex = metroywe1
  6. At this point you should see a Windows Explorer window showing you the network resources available on your branches server.  Most servers function as both print servers and file servers so you'll need to focus on the icon to locate the network printers.  Once you find the printer you want to add simply double click on the name of the printer to add it to your list of available printers.  If you are prompted for an administrator level account to install the printer/driver please put in a helpdesk ticket (1st) and call the helpdesk (2nd) at 973 758 9622.  Make sure you give us your computer name, the login account you are using, your current password when you put in your support ticket.  

  7. note: you can see more information by displaying your icons in "detail" view.  In detail view you can see the location and comments about the different network resources.  To enable "detail view" left click on the "view" menu and select "detail".