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EO Welcome Center Scanner

Instructions for scanning for the Welcome Center at East Orange (HP OfficeJet 8620)


Method 1

  1. Place document in scanner
  2. Hit the Scan button (physical button on the printer iteself)
  3. Select Network Folder ("scans" option goes to H drive for eowelcome user; use L drive option if you don't have access to eowelcome account)
  4. Hit Start

Document should be pop up right after you scan


Method 2

  1. Place document in scanner
  2. Go to Start (click on start menu on computer)
  3. Type in the search bar "hp scan"
  4. Look for HP Scan in search results. Click on it to open HP scan software.
  5. Select what format and other options you want for the soon to be scanned document.
  6. Hit Scan

Document will begin scanning and will show in the H Drive Scans folder when complete.  The H drive for the user "eowelcome".