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[second meeting] 2016-06-08

From: Brian Sheafer
Sent: Wednesday, June 08, 2016 11:04 AM
To: Alma Dhuyvetter <adhuyvetter@metroymcas.org>; Ben Mihalko <bmihalko@metroymcas.org>; Joanne Browne <JBrowne@metroymcas.org>; Jonathan Yoesting <jyoesting@metroymcas.org>; Natalie Knickerbocker <NKnickerbocker@metroymcas.org>; Stephanie Anderson <sanderson@metroymcas.org>
Subject: Extranet Task Force

 Good morning,

 We have a follow-up call scheduled for today at 1pm. The call-in info is as follows: 712-770-4010;Access Code: 218075. Today we will discuss the chart of work (see attached).

 Here is a recap of our last call:

  1. The chart of work for this task force includes: content, security, accessibility, look and training/rollout
  2. Explore possibility at creating an app to provide increased usability and accessibility. Jonathan will explore this option. Jonathan will also look into push notification capability for the app and/or email.
  3. Can we set-up computer at sites for staff to access onsite (i.e. in staff lounge)?
  4. Can we link to the new HR swipe system to show updates on the screens?
  5. Google analytics will be used to track usage. Jonathan will set-up user access.
  6. Content for the extranet could include history of the Y ("Throwback Thursday"), social responsibility projects, new employee section.
  7. Should we consider different levels of users?
  8. Can it mirror the S-Drive?
  9. Jonathan will set up a link for the task force to post documents on the current extranet.

I look forward to speaking with you all this afternoon.


 Brian Sheafer

Vice President of Strategic Initiatives


139 E. McClellan Ave.

Livingston, NJ 07405

(P) 973.758.9622 ext. 111 (C) 908.310.9518

(E) bsheafer@metroymcas.org (W) www.metroymcas.org

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