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Gift Cards are Here!

posted Feb 25, 2015, 11:45 AM by   [ updated Mar 3, 2015, 7:36 AM by Jonathan Yoesting ]


Gift Cards!  Gift Cards! Gift Cards! 


It’s Just What They Want!   Choosing the ideal gift has never been easier.  Gift Cards are the flexible and convenient gift that everyone loves!  A gift card gives both the recipient and the gift giver complete flexibility and convenience.


Our YMCA Gift Cards have arrived!  In the interoffice mail, I am sending you everything the branch will need to sell a gift card to a member.    In the envelope you will find:

  1.  Gift Cards, these cards have no value until a member has purchased and funds have been “loaded” onto the magnetic strip of the card.  As you deplete your inventory please contact me and I will restock your supply.

  2. Gift Card Envelopes, an all occasion envelope to complete the gift card presentation.   During the gift card sale, please write the monetary value of the gift card on the amount line on the inside of the envelope.

  3. A magnetic card reader.  This device will need to be plugged into one of your Welcome Center computers.  Additional card readers will be available upon request.

  4. The SOP for selling a gift card to a member. (also attached to this e-mail)

  5. The SOP for redeeming the gift card as a form of payment.  (also attached to this e-mail)

  6. The SOP for checking the balance on a card. (also attached to this e-mail)

  7. YMCA of the Oranges Gift Card Rules.  (also attached to this e-mail)

All gift card revenue is recognized in a YMCA balance sheet account.  The proceeds from the sale of a gift card are not branch revenue until the gift card is redeemed as a payment type for a service, program, membership or merchandise purchased at your branch.  When the gift card is used as a form of payment, the money that had been “loaded” onto the gift card will move from the balance sheet account to your branch revenue associated with the service or merchandise sold.  Therefore, gift cards can be easily purchased at one branch and redeemed at another branch.