DayForce Clock Setup

At remote sites we use the Chrome browser signed in with the account.

Each phone has it's own unique name in DayForce.  Before the phones get sent into the field they are registered in our DayForce system.  Sometimes when there are updates (phone updates or DayForce updates) the phone needs to be registered.

Things to have before re-registering

1. Pin code for the phone if there is one (to unlock the phone)

2. Network connection on the phone

3. Knowledge of how to launch Chrome browser on the phone

4. Registration URLs  (sometimes you need to unregister before you can reregister).

5. Company name (ymcaoforanges)

6. Clock name (examples listed below)

7. Clock passcode

recommended: Use Chrome. Check bookmarks folder. If link below are missing from the bookmarks in Chrome then login to the Chrome browser using the account and the sites below will show up in bookmarks. The bookmarks will be added as soon as the syncs and saves information on the phone. If you need help with setting up the GSUITE account and Google Chrome please call as at 973 758 9622 x115. REGISTER CLOCK (