Network Printer/Copier (trouble shoot)

1. Go to start menu then to devices and printers.

2. Locate the copier/printer that is giving you a problem

3. Right click and choose "Remove Device"

4. In the same window click on the address bar (at the top of the Devices and Printers window click once to make it highlight in blue.)

5. Type \\metroywn and press enter (other branches use different print server names)

6. Double-click on the New Wayne Copier and the driver should auto install.

7. After installing the new copier you will need to view the Printer Properties and Device Settings to plug in your department ID (see last three images below).



Steps 2-3

Steps 4-6

Step 7a

Step 7b

Step 7c

TLDR (too long didn't read)? Here is a 4 step summary:

1. locate problem printer and remove

2. visit your local print server

3. Double click on the printer you want to connect to.

4. After successful connection visit Printer Properties to plug in your department ID.