Staff Voicemail

Personalizing your voicemail 

Dial 500, enter your password

(hint: dial * after hearing the word “welcome” to access a different voicemail box)


Press U (8) to access user options


Press N (6) to record your name

Press G (4) to record your greeting

Press P (7) to change your passcode.


Accessing voicemail from your work phone

To retrieve messages: just dial 500 or press your message button and you will be prompted to enter your passcode.


P (7) - To Play messages

D (3) - To Delete messages

K (5) - To Save/Keep messages

U (8) - To change User options


Accessing voicemail from outside your office

If you call from another extension or from outside the building and get the auto-attendant and want to check your messages, when the system answers, press the star key (*) and you will be a prompted to enter your mailbox number and password. 


(Where applicable) If you dial in through the direct voice mail access number, when the system answers, enter your mailbox number and password and proceed as normal.

At the end of your outgoing greeting make sure to record yourself saying “… at the Y we are for youth development, healthy living, and social responsibility”.

Instructions for new Mitel Phone System

During the workday:

call 973-758-9622, ask to be put into your voice mail and give the extension

When you hear your voice mail message:

hit #

enter your passcode

enter 7 for other options

enter 8 to delete all voice mails


After hours:

call 973-758-9622, when you hear Virginia saying “thank you for calling…”

hit *

hit #

enter your extension

enter your passcode

enter 7 for other options

enter 8 to delete all voice mails