Outlook Calendar

Using your Office 365 to view a shared calendar

Everyone with an Office 365 Metro Y account has the option to visit their calendar by going to https://portal.office.com

Because everyone has access to the web based version I’m going to highlight how to use the web based email/calendar tool. 

iPhone and desktop versions of Outlook or (Outlook for Mac) will have different steps.


1.   Open a web browser (IE, Safari, Chrome, Firefox, etc)

2.   In the address bar type https://portal.office.com and press enter.  [ if you are on the staff web site click on the “Staff Email” link ]

3.   Login with your email address and your password.

4.   Click on “Calendar” tile.

5.   Once you have the calendar tool open in your web browser click on “Add calendar” to open the calendar from the staff directory.




6.   All the resources calendars start with the following alpha codes for each Metro Y location:

·         AS – Association Services

·         GB – Greater Bergen

·         WE – West Essex

·         EO – East Orange

·         SM – South Mountain

·         WN – Wayne

·         FVL – Fairview Lake

·         SC – Sussex County



Using your Office 365 to create a meeting - inviting others and/or reserving a shared resource.

Find out more about Office 365 calendar on the official Microsoft Support site.

Because Microsoft regularly patches and updates it's products the look and feel of Outlook Calendars may change from time to time.  In addition to differences between web based and client based versions of Outlook there are also difference between the different client based Outlook version (eg Outlook 2010 vs. Outlook 2016).  Because of the rapid rate of change and product variety it is best to use a Google search to find information relevant to the version of Outlook that you prefer to use.  Here is an information article on how to use Office 365 (web based) Outlook calendar.  Everyone with an @metroymcas.org email address has access to Office 365 and to the web based Outlook calendars.  Pay special attention to the section of this article that talks about "Meeting Requests".

USING OUTLOOK 2016 to send a meeting invite

1. Start by opening Outlook and toggling over to the calendar section of the program

2. MUST ADD Appointment details on your OWN CALENDAR

3. Turn appointment into meeting by adding ATTENDEES